The history of Jurisgroep goes back to 1988. In that year a few young lawyers started to handle cases in the Netherlands on a contingency basis. Whereby the client does not have to pay legal fees but only a success fee when the case is won. In that way they created low-threshold access to legal proceedings.

Jurisgroep has invested in the following companies:

ConsumentenClaim conducts proceedings on behalf of thousands of consumers who have suffered financial damage caused by banks, insurance companies and other large institutions, such as Dexia Bank, Aegon, Nationale Nederlanden, Vodafone, T-Mobile, Philips etc.

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MKB-Claim supports thousands of Medium and Small businesses who have suffered financial damage caused by unfair practices by banks such as Rabo Bank, ABN AMRO or illegal cartels such as the truck cartel by DAF, Volvo, Scania, Renault, Mercedes-Benz and other truck manufacturers.

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Leaseproces conducts legal proceedings on behalf of thousands of Dutch households who were sold very misleading investment products by banks such as Dexia Bank, Aegon, Fortis and other banks.

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Instituut voor

Berekening Letselschade

IVBL has a calculation program developed by Dr. Bert Pals. With this calculation program, the damage of victims of an accident or of a medical error is calculated in a fairer way than the calculation programs used by the insurers.

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We are looking to invest in companies and projects that operate on a commercial basis but with a social impact.

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